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We provide the creative direction on projects and coordinate all the details for the final production.  As your professional consultant we can make it simple or complicated  by identifying its purpose, use, cost, and resources.  Many customers wish to control there personal sites.  As your client you will agree on all conditions and expectations before the work begin.  Our expertise covers a range of visual mediums, from a digital rich multimedia product.

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Digital Graphics

Computer Graphics (digital drawing and painting)

Photo-retouching PhotoShop • GraphicConverter • PaintShop Pro (digital and traditional)

Logo Designs (digital formats)

Mini Movies (QuickTime, iMovie, MovieMaker, AVS4YOY, and Final Cut)

DVD’s and Digital Sound Edits (original projects only)

Web Design (and site management)

Cad Design (basics)

Per Project: All project quotes begin at

Conversions: Analog to Digital  (audio at 44.1kHz, files16-bit / video to DVD/HD mpg)      $110.00

The pricing will vary based on complexity. Consult with SPIARTS about a fair pricing market price