Wedding Memories

Memories will last forever when you capture the significance of the  moment .  They make us smile, they make us cry. We will capture your special events with our spray-packet or parcel packet series. With SPIARTS the basic plans are simple and appropriate for a unique occasion at a good price. Visit our photo gallery for more concepts.

All-In-One Ceremony and Reception base price, which includes ceremony and three hours at the reception.  Expanded options are available.

Itemized Expenditures:
Spray-Express wed or event series require a selection of your top 50 images from 200 or more photograph images. Your total choice 50 selections 44 selected images 4x6” prints, 4 selected images 5x7”, and 2 selected images for 8x10” kiosk prints.
Spray-Express includes 200 visual proofs for digital review and 50 printed prints of the event.  Printed images are kiosks or laboratory processed, which is determine by selected options.  The standard packages are kiosks processed.  

Standard packages of the ceremony/event includes editing features as cropping subjects, formatting prints, and darkroom/light-room custom work if needed.
    •  All photographs become your property
    •  Initial processing
    •  Photo synchronization, addition
    •  Custom processing addition cost......$ (high quality photo lab processing a must)                         
 Parcel-Express wed and event series includes media enhanced photograph array in
    movie format on DVD with audio
Parcel package of ceremony/event will include 200 kiosks visual proofs and 50 printed proofs of the event.
    •  All photographs become your property
    •  A standard package includes crop on subject, formatting, and darkroom/lightroom
    •  Initial processing
    •  Photo synchronization, additional
Custom processing addition cost......(high quality photo lab processing a must)
  •  Special audio by request only.  

Receptions includes photographing traditional staged events plus friends and family candid shots in a four hour block. 
    Price of reception (100 images
        • Package wed or event series involving greater details increases cost 

All-In-One Ceremony and Reception base, plus tax
Events ~ Photo Sessions base price is set by quantity, processing, and location

Pre-Wedding Photographs Packages. (consult with photography group)

HD Express .mov
Eight-to-ten minutes photo slide show on DVD or Blue-ray without sound.
• Eight-to-ten minutes media enhanced photo slide show on DVD or blue-ray with audio 
Eight-to-ten minute mini movie and photo combo with audio
(videography above those specified involving more time and details increases cost)

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